Contact Information:
Phone: 502-24760365
Fax:   502-31238545
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Country Pack Links:
Country packs provide the necessary marketing material relative to operating in a particular country. Nikken has now made the country packs available for free in electronic format. In addition, you can still order printed material from Nikken.

Tips for doing business:

  • Before sponsoring or conducting Nikken business in Guatemala, it is the consultant’s responsibility to research and comply with all immigration, visa, and registration rules, tax requirements and other due demands of Guatemala.
  • Eligible individuals 18 years or over and residing in Guatemala may apply to become a Nikken Wellness Consultant.
  • The laws/regulations of Guatemala require that a 15% withholding tax be applied to all international bonuses earned.

General Info:
Office hours for Nikken Guatemala are Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 6:30 pm.

Independent merchants can not make any purchases until they have completed the sale of 70% of previously purchased product.

Purchase orders can be registered by fax or directly in the offices of Nikken Guatemala.
Form of payment: Credit card only Visa Amex, Master Card and Bank Deposits to the account No. 027-120-133-4 Monetary Industrial Bank on behalf of Nikken Guatemala SA.