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Registered Address:   Office Address:  
Nikken Deutschland GmbH,
c/o Hartung Consulting GmbH,  
Königsallee 70,
40212 Düsseldorf,
Gloucester House,
399 Silbury Boulevard,
Milton Keynes,
MK9 2AH,
United Kingdom

Phone: 08001828887
Fax:   N/A
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Country Pack Links:
Country packs provide the necessary marketing material relative to operating in a particular country. Some of the forms you will need are below.

Alternatively, please contact Customer Services on the email address above for further information.

Tips for doing business:

  • Both wholesale and retail ordering allowed.
  • All German Consultants can request automatic VAT invoicing by completing an authorisation letter.
  • Starter Kit Cost: 107.10 €

General Info:
Bank Details

Bank Name:   Commerzbank Frankfurt
Account No:  5855580
Sort Code:  50040000
IBAN:  DE33500400000585558000

General Info

Any individual of legal age, legally residing in any country of the Nikken European market unit, is eligible to become a Nikken Consultant.

Before sponsoring or conducting Nikken business in the European market unit, it is the Consultant’s responsibility to research and comply with all immigration, visa, and registration rules, tax requirements and other due demands of each individual country.

No c/o or PO Box addresses can be accepted.

Consultants signed up online must submit original copy of their application form within 30 days of signing up.

No other Consultant (sponsors, uplines etc) may pay for a downline Consultant’s product orders. Orders may not be shipped to a sponsor/upline’s address.

It is important that Consultants enter their ID, order number on their bank transfer payments so that the payment can be matched to the relevant order.

Email addresses registered with us must belong to the Consultant(s), not anyone else e.g. the upline, sponsor.

A Consultant may not place any order until at least 70% of previously purchased inventory has been sold or confirmed by the Consultant as used for personal/demonstration purposes.

Office hours for Nikken Europe are from 08:30. -17:00 (BST or GMT), Monday to Friday. Please note we will close these lines for 1 hour, from 10:30 each Thursday to allow time for staff training and updates.