Contact Information:
Address: Nihon Kenko Zoushin Kenkuyai del Ecuador C. Ltda. Avenida República del Salvador N34-107 y Suiza, sexto piso Edificio Brescia. Quito, Ecuador
Phone: (593) (02) 4004-165
Fax:   (593) (2) 2248 876
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Country Pack Links:
Country packs provide the necessary marketing material relative to operating in a particular country. Nikken has now made the country packs available for free in electronic format. In addition, you can still order printed material from Nikken.

Tips for doing business:

  • Before sponsoring or conducting Nikken business in Ecuador, it is the distributor's responsibility to research and comply with all immigration, visa, and registration rules, tax requirements and other due demands of Ecuador.
  • Any individual of legal age, legally residing in Ecuador, needs to obtain an (cédula de ciudadania) number to be a Nikken Distributor.
  • Tax Invoices: A bonus statement will be first mailed to distributors. Upon receipt of these statements, distributors will be required to mail a tax invoice to Nikken del Ecuador. When the tax invoice is received, the commission payment will be delivered. Bonus will not be paid until this required documentation is received.
  • The laws/regulations of Ecuador require that a 23% withholding tax be applied to all international bonuses earned.

General Info:
Office hours for Nikken del Ecuador are Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. - 8 p.m. local time. Purchase orders can be registered by fax or directly in the offices of Nikken Ecuador. Guayaquil Center AV. Juan Tanca Marengo And Orrantia JOAQUIN AV Professional Building Center of 206. VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners, Debit Card or bank password (for account number please contact the offices of Nikken Ecuador). To pay by credit card the customer must sign the respective voucher. (We do not accept cash or checks).