Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I access the application, price list and order form of the other countries?

Go to MyNikken/My Business/International Business/Country Pack. Then you see all the countries that Nikken is in business. Click on a country name or flag. You will see each country’s application, price list and order form there along with information specific to each country.

Q. How can I contact other country’s customer service?

The contact information of other country is available under "Country Pack" below the downloadable application forms and price list.

Q. Can I get into other country’s MyNikken site with my ID# and password?

No, you cannot. Your ID# and Password are only for your own market MyNikken. No one can get into other countries’ MyNikken.

Q. What are the benefits of being an International Business Consultant?

International business empowers Consultants with the flexibility to operate internationally and maximize their profit earning potential.

  • Get started in Nikken’s foreign market units.
  • Recruit prospects without traveling.
  • International Consultants may use their combined worldwide PPV, PGPV, OPV, non-primary OPV and OPV outside primary and secondary legs for rank advancement and monthly qualification.
  • Receive bonus checks in the currency of your home country.
  • Manage global business activities at home.

Q. May I have dual distributorship in different market unit?

The Consultants cannot have different distributorships in multiple market units. The International consultant status applies to all market units. The Consultant may change the home market by submitting a written request, stating the reason, to their home market office.

Q. Do I need to renew my distributorship in every country every year?

The International Consultant only needs to renew their distributorship in their home market.

Q. May I send literature, sales aids or products to other countries?

Consultants can download Country Packs from MyNikken. One country’s literature and products may be governed under separated rules for other countries; therefore international literature may be sent only to those countries or market areas to which they pertain. Your Country Packs will have the appropriate order forms and applications for all your international business.

Q. May I introduce the Nikken business opportunity in a country where Nikken is not yet open?

No, business may not be conducted in a foreign country prior to Nikken’s registration with the proper authorities in that country and/or the establishment of an office or operations.

Q. How can I find out when Nikken will open countries before they are announced?

Nikken has found that premature indications of when a market will be open creates a risk because of eager Consultants who want to get a jump on the opening. In some cases this premature activity has prevent Nikken from completing negotiations with the government to secure clearances for approval to operate.

Q. Can a citizen on a work visa who is away from his/her home market unit join Nikken as a Consultant in another market unit?

Each person is subject to the laws of each country and the particular policies of each Nikken operation. If a person can meet the requirements for being accepted as a Nikken Consultant in a market unit, they may proceed. Keep in mind that no one may have more than one Nikken distributorship...anywhere in the world.